alyssn-hanniganHi there, I'm Jonathan Pritchard, and welcome to [ _____ ] Like A Mind Reader.

About Me

I help entrepreneurs find freedom through better thinking.

At age 13 I was juggling fire, at age 15 I was hammering nails up my nose, and at age 18 I was eating fire. I haven't stopped learning valuable skills, and I started [     ] Like A Mind Reader to share the unique insights I've gained along the way.

My goal is to help other people live an amazing life full of incredible opportunities and friends, just like I have. Everything I share on this site is done with that in mind.

I do that by helping your business, motivating you, inspiring you, facilitating mental breakthroughs, improving effectiveness, cultivating integrity, and showing you how to be the best you that you can be.

As you explore this site, you'll find all the knowledge, experience, insight, strategies, books, & other resources I've used over the years to live a life most people only dream of. I know if you apply what you learn here, you'll experience the same kind success I know.

Sign up for the email list to be the first to know about new books I'm writing, training courses I'm developing, and other goodies I share with the cool kids club before sharing them with the world. I promise not to spam you. Every time I send an email I ask myself, "Will this actually help someone?" If the answer is no, I don't send it.

My Background

I grew up a poor kid in the mountains of North Carolina. I spent a lot of time playing in the woods, and reading books. I was so shy I wouldn't even ask for ketchup at a Wendy's.

Eventually I realized I'd need to learn how to speak up if I was going to be someone who got what they wanted. I learned how to juggle which helped me get positive feedback from people without having to actually engage them.

With that encouragement I dove deeper into performing and public speaking, and eventually started practicing magic and mentalism tricks.

A fun experiment I tried was imagining what my friends would say at lunch the next day. I'd write a sort of "script" of what I expected, and then see how far into the script I could get the actual conversation to go (without my friends knowing). Before too long I got really good at it, and that's what led me down the path of exploring why we think the way we do.

Over the years I've explored everything I could get my hands on that has anything to do with how we think, why we do what we do, and how we build relationships. These are the fundamental skills that allow me to have the incredible life I live.

Since those days at lunch in high school I've entertained the troops stationed overseas, performed in Vegas casinos, been on national TV, consulted with a magician you'd recognize for a TV special, worked with a MacArthur Genius Grant recipient on a Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, helped produce one of YouTube's most popular channels, and a whole lot more. Basically, every checkmark for success you could imagine a performer having, I've checked off.

Eventually I noticed something weird happening after my shows. People would come up to me and say, "You're living the dream! I can't even imagine doing what you do for a living!"

And then it hit me; they really couldn't imagine a different kind of life, even though it's obviously possible (because I'm living it!).

I'd get excited to share my story with people and show them how they could easily live a life of freedom and inspiration. These were my first coaching clients.

Of all my adventures, helping others is my favorite one, and that's why I started this site; to help as many people as I can live incredible lives.  That's what it means to me to "Think" like a mind reader; to find creative solutions that provide me with opportunities for adventures other people can't think of.

So, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. I do a lot of traveling which means I may not get back to you right away, but I promise you I do my best to read (and respond) to everything I can!

Thanks for the time you've spent reading this. I appreciate you stopping by, and I look forward to hearing from you. Let's connect!

Best thoughts,


~Jonathan Pritchard

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