Jonathan Pritchard

I help companies connect with their people. I've learned how to do that after nearly 25 years' experience on and off stage. As a professional communicator, it's my job to know how to connect with anyone, anytime.

Ask my friends and they'll tell you it's my superpower, but I don't come by it naturally. I had to learn it the hard way. I grew up as a poor kid in the mountains of North Carolina where I was painfully shy. Eventually I learned how to overcome it, and developed strategies for building confidence, and finding common ground with anyone.

As a mentalist I've been on America's Got Talent, entertained United States troops stationed overseas, performed on Vegas main stages, cruise ships, and on down the list goes. Eventually I figured out that the same psychological techniques I use on stage to make people believe I can read minds, are the same techniques the best business people use in sales, marketing, and every other part of business.

Now, companies like State Farm Insurance, Wells Fargo, General Assembly, Theraband, or Avant Credit hire me to help them connect with their employees at events, training conferences, and any time people gather; with their clients at trade shows, customer appreciation events, or hospitality suites; and with their prospective customers through sharpening their marketing efforts. I now take people behind the curtain and teach them how to connect like a mind reader. I love helping people discover the same magic of connecting with others as I have for 25 years.

When I'm not on the road I get my mail in Chicago, maintain my black-belt martial arts teaching certification, and paint in my free time.

Thanks for the time you've spent reading this. I appreciate you stopping by, and I look forward to hearing from you. Let's connect!

Best thoughts,


~Jonathan Pritchard

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