Category: Beliefs

  • In Pursuit of Magic

    January 4, 2018
    Would You Know It When You Find It? For me, there is very little difference between magic and art. To
  • The Power of a Little Idea

    October 20, 2017
    [vc_video ratio="16-9" align="center" link=""]  
  • You Charge How Much?!

    October 14, 2017
    Back when I was getting my speaking business off the ground, I also made ends meet as a graphic designer.
  • Rapport

    March 14, 2017
    Same Wavelength When you're negotiating that big business deal, there's an essential element you absolutely must have: trust. Each side
  • Success Will Destroy You

    March 8, 2017
    When I first started performing, I didn't trust the audience. I would finish a routine where I predicted the future,
  • Self Defense

    February 7, 2017
    When most people think about self defense, they usually think about screaming "NO!" as loudly as they can, stomping the
  • Trapped In The Mirror Dimension

    December 30, 2016
    Your thoughts aren't real. You might feel that statement is so painfully obvious that it doesn't need saying. Before you click
  • Let Go or be Dragged

    December 28, 2016
    When I first heard that Zen proverb, "Let go or be dragged" I couldn't stop laughing. It immediately brought to
  • Asking Permission for Greatness

    December 17, 2016
    “Who did Michael Jordan ask to be great?” That’s the question that stopped the conversation. (We were in Chicago, so
  • The Magic of a Simple Business

    December 15, 2016
    Here's something super cool about my life: Steve Martin and I are on the same career trajectory. Sure, he's 30 years