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Thank you for thinking of me!

First I want to thank you for considering me for your event. Every event is an opportunity to connect with your guests, and there's a lot of pressure to make sure everything goes perfectly. It takes a lot of trust to invite someone to be a part of that process; you're essentially betting your reputation by asking me to appear in front of your guests.

I'm honored by your trust!

Also, I know there's a lot of time, effort, and preparation that goes into making an event a massive success. It takes so much more than people realize!

And that's why I've put this page together: to help us come to a win-win relationship!

My Speciality

My life's work is dedicated to being the best at instantly connecting with any audience on behalf of my clients in a fun, engaging, memorable, and meaningful way.

Clients who need to create unforgettable positive memories for their attendees turn to me because they know I'm world class at doing exactly what they need for their VIP clients and high-stakes events.

I'm essentially a goodwill ambassador for my clients who know they can trust me to provide totally unique, custom-designed, dynamic interactive experiences without having to worry about me getting political, embarrassing their guests, or making things awkward.

I've worked with the United States military, Disney, Universal Studios, BP, State Farm, Vegas casinos on the strip, national TV programs, and Fortune 500 recognized brands because they know how important live events are for connecting with their customers, clients, & VIPs; and they only trust the best to represent the best; me!

If an event organizer left anything to chance, or allowed anything negative to happen, it could result in millions of dollars in lost revenue and damaged relationships. They understand their name & reputation are too valuable to gamble with, and that's why my clients are more than willing to accommodate my baseline fee of $5,500 for my expertise.

Even if it's "just a 10 minute appearance."

That 'quick something' on stage or 'doing a little something during the reception' requires spending time traveling to the venue, arriving hours before the guests do, and staying until the last person leaves.

Also, saying 'yes' to an unpaid engagement on my calendar means saying no to any paying opportunity that might present itself between now and then.

I'm a man of my word and when I say yes to something, I stick to it.

Each engagement also requires days of planning, research, writing, and collaboration with my clients to make sure my performance or talk is perfectly tailored to their audience.

And the results are phenomenal.

That's why 80% of the clients who book me once book me again within the same year.

They know I arrive at the venue early and make sure everything is perfect before the guests arrive. We make sure the sound is perfect. We work together beforehand to discuss seating arrangements. We make sure everyone can see & hear everything that's happening. Every detail is expertly managed, and each one (if ignored or skipped) could spell disaster for the whole experience.

So you can see, there's so much more to it than the short time I'm doing my thing on stage, or chatting with your guests during the cocktail hour.

And that's what my clients are booking me for: facilitating high-quality relationships with their guests (the results). Not the time it took me to create them (a lifetime's worth of study, practice, and world-class experience).

Your Situation

"Free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it." That's something my Dad told me years ago, and it stuck with me. I realized it applies to the quality of my work, too. If I'm not paid for the work I do, I feel undervalued. That directly impacts the quality of my work, and the relationship with my clients.

I can't compromise on the quality work I do for my clients, and they don't want to jeopardize their work, either.

So I tend to not say yes to pro bono work.

Two Exceptions


After putting down the deposit & paying real money for the space, the food, desert, A/V rentals, flowers, place settings, and all the bits & bobs required for the meeting, there just isn't anything left in the budget for bringing in someone who is a specialist at the long term strategy of fostering high value relationships and connecting your organization with its VIP guests.

But, they're exactly the people who DO have a budget, so it's in my best interests to come in as a sort of 'audition' for them to book me.

Great! I'm looking forward to connecting with them.

With any relationship, it's not built in a day, so it takes time to build trust and connection. To that end, I'll need to have my brochure and advertising materials provided to each guest, along with my name, logo, and website on prominent display through the event as well as having access to the email addresses of the attendees so I can continue the conversation after the event ends.

This is essentially $5,500 worth of sponsorship or exposure dollars.

This way I can ensure I make high-quality connections with the right people, and is the kind of exposure that will help you and me, both.


Your situation might be different. You might be able to guarantee that this appearance will lead to paid work.


In this situation, I require my baseline fee and guarantee you a 'finder's fee' for any work I book as a result of being involved with your event.

It's 20% of my fee as is standard with an agency or other reference-based relationship.

So, if you're confident I'll get work from your event, you can be just as sure you can make my fee back with as few as 5 bookings from it, and after that you actually profit from booking me at your event!

Let's Work Together

Some of my most valuable relationships I've had with clients for nearly a decade started with the equal trade of my skills for their public endorsement & continued support at connecting me with their clients. It works.

So, if either of these solutions makes sense to you and our situation, then I can't wait to work with you to put everything I have into making your event a success by providing the exact same level of world-class skill, dedication, and enthusiasm I bring to every project I say yes to.

Best thoughts,
~Jonathan Pritchard

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