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Jonathan appears on a highly rated design podcast, "The Boagworld UX Show"

StateFarm Feature

WGN TV: Local News


Jonathan is a go-to guest for a wide variety of shows where he shares his thoughts on life, business, motivation, discipline, and more. Here you'll find 24+ hours of conversations with Jonathan!

Curiosity.com Podcast

Curiosity.com is a website dedicated to exploring interesting topics, and their podcast highlights experts in their field. Jonathan stopped by their studios to talk all things mind reading. "Mind reading tricks can be unnerving, but they don't have to be as scary as some people think they are. Mentalist Jonathan Pritchard explains how he convinces people he can read minds by using the same psychological techniques employed by sales, marketing, and other business leaders.

Brian Noonan Show v2.0

Brian Noonan (on for Justin Kaufmann) visits with mentalist Jonathan Pritchard, who talks about his new book [Think] Like a Mind Reader, which details how to apply common magician/mentalist techniques to your own professional and personal life. They discuss what it is about our brains that even make ‘mind-reading’ possible as a trick, how his stage show allows him to demonstrate and involve his audience in harnessing mental techniques; he demonstrates a trick on Brian, and more.

The Life I Deserve Podcast

Simple Money Wins Podcast

Jonathan Pritchard joins Anthony for this episode. Jonathan has been traveling the world and entertaining audiences as a Mentalist, even appearing on America’s Got Talent. He now offers consulting services as the communication skills he has perfected through his line of work are transferable and beneficial to businesses and individuals alike. We hear about Jonathan’s beginnings, his television appearances, explanations of mentalism with specific examples, and who Jonathan can help.

Early Risers Podcast

Early Risers' purpose is to help you build habits to increase your happiness, win each day, and create a life that you're proud of. By waking up early and starting your day of focusing on yourself, you will be able to consistently grow in ways that you never thought were possible.

Art of Giving A Damn Podcast

Mind Tricks of a Mentalist? Using Your Powers for Good with Jonathan Pritchard.

Big Red Says

"Jonathan and I linked up for a conversation. Incredibly enriching. He has a very practical approach to life and personal growth. Based off our conversation I’ve created a few basic principles for you."

Productivity Podcast

Jonathan sits down with Mark Struczewski to chat all things productivity. How he protects his attention, how he feels about the day, and who has access to his brain.

The Dream Catcher

During my conversation with Jonathan he offers key insights into how the human mind works and how we can tap into its power. His techniques can be used to better understand ourselves and others in our life. We also talk about topics such as mentalism, telepathy and eliminating limited thoughts.

Intrinsic Motivation - A Homies Perspective

Jonathan Pritchard has traveled the world as a mentalist, mind reader, and entertainer performing for thousands of fans demonstrating feats of the mind that are simply inexplicable. He’s performed on Vegas main stages, helped levitate American astronaut Ed Lu, entertained our troops stationed overseas, appeared on national TV, consulted for Criss Angel, and more. You might think he was born naturally outgoing, but you’d be mistaken. He was painfully shy as a child growing up in a trailer in the mountains of North Carolina. He’s had to learn the lessons for success the hard way and now he wants to share his experience with you.

Security Weekly

Security Weekly is a security podcast network for information security professionals, by information security professionals. We produce a lineup of shows for the security community, completely free. Jonathan talks about the importance of mindset, internal work. the power of psychology, and more.

Discover Your Inner Awesome Podcast

"...Most people don't take that much care and attention to the truth that they communicate, because they think 'Hey I use words -- I'm a great communicator' which couldn't be farther from the truth. Most people are very lackadaisical about their communication skills...most people aren't as good of a communicator as they think, and they don't spend time really understanding what they are communicating. So take great care in how your message is coming across, in how you've built your sales process, to clearly communicate the truth as effectively as possible."

Spark Joy Podcast

Mari Kondo has helped millions of people spark joy in their lives & businesses. Jonathan had the honor of speaking with the "Spark Joy Podcast" to share his thoughts on how to tidy your space & your mind.

Brian Noonan Show on WGN Radio

Jonathan spends a half hour with Brian Noonan in the Chicago studio to talk business, mentalism, and read the minds of callers of the show.

Side Hustle School

Chris Guillebeau is a New York Times best selling author, and he sent Jonathan a list of questions about how he got his start coaching & speaking. Chris then discussed Jonathan's answers in a short (but valuable) episode of his podcast.  Go give it a listen!

Pure Mind Magic

"Professional magician & speaker Victoria Mavis brings you the world of mindreading and mentalism with Jonathan Pritchard author of "Think like a mindreader". He is a professional mindreader does live shows, trainings and speaking."

Forge Your Life Podcast

Jonathan chats with Richard Phu, a life coach and podcast host about how mentalists communicate with audiences, how you can use their strategies in your life, the power of personal narrative, how to discover your zone of genius, and more.

Ty Crandall Interviews Industry Leaders

Jonathan appears on a podcast to talk about mental hacks for personal success, shares simple strategies for making changes, and more!

All Things Risk

Learn how to take risks successfully, improve performance, and design your life. Listen to my chat with Ben Cattanneo on the All Things Risk Podcast.

Mindfulness Mode Podcast

This is a podcast dedicated to helping people be more mindful, alert, calm, and content. Jonathan makes an appearance to talk about the role of mindfulness in his work, his mindfulness practice, and the role mentalism plays in it all.

Leadership Beyond Borders

Jonathan sits down with Kimberli Lewis who is based out of the Czech Republic, and they talk about the importance of mindset as it applies to leadership on the Leadership Beyond Borders Podcast

Salena Knight Retail Podcast

"I appreciate the concept behind mind-reading is much more about watching for behavioral cues and clues, but like a magic trick, I still don't know how the heck they do it. So today Jonathan Pritchard, magician, Mentalist and entertainer, turned speaker, coach and author might just show us how we can read minds too. So welcome to the show Jonathan..."

Marketing the Invisible

In this 7 minute podcast Jonathan shares several insights on how to think like a mind reader.

Man Up To Greatness Podcast

"Today's guest is not only a martial arts expert he is also a mentalist. Jonathan has used his skills on America's Got Talent and many other stages."

[spreaker type=player resource="episode_id=15468077" theme="light" autoplay="false" playlist="false" cover="https://d3wo5wojvuv7l.cloudfront.net/images.spreaker.com/original/f635692b572836874786de13dbdc116f.jpg" width="100%" height="400px"]

Life Illuminated

What is a mentalist? How does one "think like a mindreader?" Jonathan tells the story of how he went from being a quiet and shy kid to a contestant on America's Got Talent standing on stage in front of thousands of people. His personal journey, motivated by the desire to delve into the mysteries of the mind and turn it into his lifelong passion, is a conversation you don’t want to miss!


[Network] Like A Mind Reader

A Chicago branch of StateFarm Insurance sponsored a small gathering for budding entrepreneurs on the night of game 6 of the world series with the Chicago Cubs. It's more casual than keynote, but the content is gold.



Jonathan is a featured entrepreneur on StateFarm.com

Supporting Strategies


Starting a business is hard. Sustaining a business is even harder. And growing a business is hardest of all.

There are so many ways that even the best-conceived businesses can go astray once they open the doors. What seemed like a well-organized business plan in theory can wash away in a flood of day-to-day details. How can you avoid drowning?

meQuilibrium: Secrets of Communication from a Professional Mind Reader

Think of the last time you felt frustrated in a relationship, personal or professional. Like when you created a whole argument in your head without ever addressing the other person: “I have a lot going on a work right now,…

Manage Magazine

Jonathan is a featured on a digital publication focused on leadership & management.

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