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For the past 25 years my colleagues at Zehren-Friedman Associates have provided training on 6 of the 7 continents for clients like Kraft Foods, John Deere, Hewitt Associates, UBS, Grainger, The US State Department, Mayo Clinic, and many many more. Their focus is on negotiation, presentation, sales, and influence skills training with intensive two day training seminars. Due to our philosophical compatibility and the heavy overlap in our content and fundamental principles, we’ve teamed up! Now you can get If you are looking for world class, time-tested skill building content delivered in a fun & engaging way, let’s talk.

Find a list of our most popular training programs below, and if you want to provide training for your team, let’s start a conversation. be sure to get in touch to talk dates. Email us at or by phone 312-581-9393.

[Six] Keys to Success

Jonathan Pritchard’s keynote is an energizing, fun and meaningful training system that will change your associates for GOOD. Utilizing an “inside-out approach,” the six keys each focus on a fundamental character trait key to respect. The result? Outstanding customer service…naturally. A renewed “self-respect” from all in attendance will create a winning atmosphere in your organization and promote respect for one another.

[Sell] Like A Mind Reader

Pushy sales techniques simply don’t work anymore. For your company to succeed long term, your team needs to understand how to offer solutions without compromising integrity. In this training module we cover all levels of sales experience, and share the inner secrets of what drives the bottom line.

[Present] Like A Mind Reader

Presentation skills are absolutely essential; even if you never stand in front of an audience. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or an absolute beginner, the skills we cover in this training will help you communicate more effectively regardless of your dynamic.

[Negotiate] Like A Mind Reader

Negotiation happens at all levels of business; internally & externally. We help your team think beyond winner-take-all dynamics, and focus on relationship building & long term success instead. This skill is important with anyone wanting to advance their interests and resources.

[Influence] Like A Mind Reader

Influence without integrity is manipulation. We help you identify the difference, and how it’s being used on you. Plus, you’ll learn the essentials of principled influence, and how to apply it in your own life & business. This is a keystone skill that will improve every relationship you have and your likelihood for success.

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